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Comeback drive of the year from Yohann in the iRacing iR01 Grand Prix Championship

Qualifying results  

The Force Dynamics Dallara iR Grand Prix Championship

iRacing Force Dynamics Dallara iR01 Grand Prix Championship – Round 6 Hockenheimring Race results

Yohann Harth – P2
Ben Fuller – P3
Peter Berryman – P8
Michele Costantini – P9

  Yohann Harth — 2nd

  After starting in P24 due to a Q ban, Yohann had a battle on his hands to even get into a good point scoring position. He did. He finished 2nd! We caught up with him after the race on his thoughts about THAT drive.

“Never expected to get P2 out of this. Perfect damage limitation and even more as we head off to Road America, 2 points closer to the Championship leader. I gained 10 spots on the first lap by just taking every single corners from the inside to stay out of trouble as much as possible, and after that it was all about making sure I could get good runs out of the slow speed stuff every single lap to overtake more people. Up to P5 after 15 laps, perfect.”

  Ben Fuller — 3rd

A first corner incident that ended up with him pointing in the wrong direction and at the back of the pack after hitting Peter, things didn’t look great for Ben. So where did that P3 come from?!

“Not the race I was expecting going into the day. A bit disappointed with qualifying but was in a good spot to mix things up. Got a decent start on the inside line, p2 and p3 R8G cars slowed into turn 1, and I took my chance on the inside while trying to respect racing room. A bit of a clatter over the inside kerb, and just didn’t have the exit speed for Pete to avoid me. Disappointing racing incident, but kept the head down and got to work. My pace was ok and made good decisions in traffic. George helped big time with making the correct strategy calls, worked our way through the field, and gained 5 spots on the last 2 laps from avoiding incidents around me. Happy with the result, but not the way we were hoping to get it, so it’s on to Road America.”

  Peter Berryman — 8th
It was a case of damage limitation after the first corner incident with Ben, front wing at the side of the track somewhere a limp back to the pits was the only option. From there it was head down and hope to grab a point or 2. 8th exceeded everyone’s expectations…

“After Qualifying, I was sitting in a really good place for a shot at the win. Unfortunately a huge check up on the exit of T1 when cars should be picking up throttle meant I had very little time to slow down at over 200kph and smashed my front wing. From there, any chance of a great result was in the bin. I drove on my own for nearly all the race, just hoovering up anything that came my way, and ended up P8 at the line. Championship lead is gone, but I’m only 8 points behind and hungry ”.

  Michele Costantini — 9th
After a race mixing it up with R8Gesports at the sharp end for its entirety, a podium was looking good for Michele. Until one of the R8G cars run out of fuel on the very last corner. No time to react, contact and a frustrating finish was all that was on offer today.

“Awaiting Quote.”

Race Images  

Next week in the iRacing Force Dynamics Dallara iR01 Grand Prix Championship we head to Road America

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