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Elias Seppänen





Currently Competing:

GT Masters 2023

Previous Championships:

Formula Renault Eurocup
ADAC Formula 4
Formula 4 SEA Championship
SMP F4 Championship

Welcome to Apex Racing Team

Get to know our latest signing a little better.

First Motorsport Memory?

The first time I drove a go-kart at my local track, aged 5.

First Racing Game?

Gran Turismo 5.

How Did You Start Sim Racing?

As I made the transition from Karting to Formula Karts, I got a simulator to learn all the new tracks.

Looking Forward To?

Getting to know everyone within the team, and hopefully visit the Sim Centre in the future.

Future Focus?

My main focus is with the Mercedes-AMG GT3. Competing in all the Special Events and later this year in DNLS.

Goals This Year?

To win an iRacing Special Event.

Know Any Of The Current Team Members?

Yes, I've raced against many of the Apex guys in Special Events. Also raced with both Yohann Harth and Alejandro Sánchez in the DNLS.

Most Enjoyable Aspect?

Has to be the teamwork aspect. Everyone is always willing to help each other which makes practice far more enjoyable.

How Does It Compare To Real-Life?

Nowadays it's super close as everything gets more realistic as time goes on. The main difference is that you don't have a reset button in the real car.

Proudest Achievement?

Representing a brand such as Mercedes-AMG.

Specialist Car/Class?

Anything Mercedes, GT3 and GT4.

Sim-Rig Specs?

32" Triple Monitors, Simucube Wheel, Heusinkveld Pedals, all mounted to an aluminium chassis.

Dream Road Car?

There's a few but the Mercedes-AMG SLS Black Series is high on that list.

Track you'd add to iRacing?

Sepang or Kyalami.

Car you'd add to iRacing?

I'd love to see Class 1 DTM and the current GT 500 cars.

Other Racing Games?

I Participated in Virtual Le Mans Series on rFactor 2 but apart from that only iRacing.

Other Games?



Road Cycling and Running.

Favourite Combination?

Mercedes-AMG GT3 at Nürburgring Nordschleife.

Favourite Real-Life Driver?

Kimi Räikkönen, as I watched him win the F1 drivers championship in 2007.

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