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They did it again! Another podium lockout at Interlagos  

Qualifying results  

The Force Dynamics Dallara iR Grand Prix Championship

  Peter Berryman — 1st

“Aimed to bounce back after last week and couldn’t have done much better. Super happy for myself, getting the first world championship win in my career and now leading the points standings. Also, super pumped for the team to go back to back podium lockouts is amazing, and I think possibly iRacing history, got to take this momentum through to Monza!”

  Michele Costantini — 2nd

“Another strong result for the team and another strong result for me. Didn’t put a foot wrong all race and worked well with Peter and Yohann up front, managing the tires, the fuel, and the gap to the other cars behind. Didn’t want to risk anything in the end and played it safe, which was the right decision, as this is our second 1-2-3 in a row for this season. Now looking forward to Monza as that’s my home race, hoping to do well there despite it not being one of my best/favourite tracks.”

  Yohann Harth — 3rd

“What a team result once again!

3 races, 3 podiums, perfect way to start the season for me. Qualifying didn’t go as planned, I just can’t extract anything out of the soft compound, and that’s something I’ll really try to focus on next week. Outside of qualifying, I didn’t put a foot wrong and pushed only when I needed to. Thanks to all the guys for everything, the car was awesome, and the strategy was on point. Off to Monza now, where we expect a crazy race (in the iR Grand Prix Championship)”.

  Ben Fuller — 7th

“I am hoping I will look back on this week as a turning point in my professional sim racing journey. I struggled all week long with car balance and pace, and while I was able to claw back some pace, there was a constant lack of confidence plaguing my eventual results. When everyone complained they needed to box for new mediums as they were going to crash, I was the one who wasn’t able to hang on to the car and keep it straight, and that will haunt me for a while. I hope to use this frustration as positive motivation going forward. Results like today are unacceptable when the team did a phenomenal job with the best strategy and a perfect race run for the 2nd 1-2-3 in a row.”

Race results

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